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Up to 80% of Family Law Cases Have at Least One Person Representing Themselves.

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You may be feeling vulnerable as you go through your divorce. It seems that the deck is stacked against you. You need someone in your corner, but money is tight now. You can have an experienced attorney standing up for you without costing you a fortune. You’ll have the benefit of our decades of legal experience. You have important rights, and now is the time to use them.

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Types of Family Law Cases

Divorcing couple. Affordable Massachusetts divorce.


Ending a marriage can be devastating, both emotionally and financially.

Modifying child custody. Affordable massachusetts modification.


It doesn’t end with the divorce. Things change and the Court’s Order needs to reflect that change.

Massachusetts probate and family court judge standing at contempt of courrt hearing


When someone is not following the Court’s Order, they will be held accountable.


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With our flexible payment plans, affording an experienced Massachusetts divorce lawyer is easier than ever.